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I am a 5th year PhD student at MIT CSAIL, co-advised by Srini Devadas. and Mengjia Yan. My research interest lies at the intersection of trusted hardware, applied cryptography and micro-architectural side channels. These days, I've been specifically working on secure enclaves, hardware primitives for micro-architectural isolation and embedded devices that give interesting ownership properties over virtual assets. You can find a more detailed description of some of my current projects here.

Last Publications

  • ISCA2022 There’s Always a Bigger Fish: A Clarifying Analysis of a Machine-Learning-Assisted Side-Channel Attack.
    Jack Cook, Jules Drean, Jonathan Behrens, Mengjia Yan

  • ASPLOS2022 DAGguise: Mitigating Memory Timing Side Channels.
    Peter W. Deutsch, Yuheng Yang, Thomas Bourgeat, Jules Drean, Joel Emer, Mengjia Yan

  • MICRO2020 CaSA: End-to-end Quantitative Security Analysis of Randomly Mapped Caches.
    Thomas Bourgeat, Jules Drean, Yuheng Yang, Lillian Tsai, Joel Emer, Mengjia Yan (*co-first authors) [pdf]

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Before coming at MIT, I was an undergrad and a master student at Télécom Paris where I obtained my "Diplome d'Ingenieur" while studying embedded systems and theoretical computer science. In order to prepare for the national exam to French engineering schools, I spent two years in Classes Préparatoires at Lycee Henri IV where I mainly studied mathematics and physics.

I am originally from Brittany, in the French countryside. I grew up in Lorient where I was a ballet dancer at the Regional Conservatory for more than eleven years. On my free time, I enjoy practicing digital photography that I picked up after following a few excellent classes online. I also cook and bake almost everyday. I love swimming and running and this semester I've started training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jui-Juitsu.


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